Houston REIA

With almost 7 million people in Houston, it is a metropolis where you can find many kinds of anything. So its seems like it is not at all unusual that as a real estate investor you have many, many places to go to meet, network, and learn about real estate investing. And if you embark on this venture, Houston REAI Shenoah Groveit is almost impossible to miss running into Houston REIA , and that will be a good thing.

Houston REIA


Houston Real Estate Investment Association is the Houston Chapter of the Texas Wealth Network, the largest Real Estate Investment Association in Texas.

It is also interesting to know that The Association president is Shenoah Grove, a REALTOR and Broker. She is also a real estate investor who has participated in facilitating, negotiating, or transacting more than 1,200 real estate transactions since 2003.


If you’ve never met Shenoah Grove, be ready to meet a ball of fire. She’s been there, done that and she has more knowledge in her little finger then more investors get in their life time.


Hence, it is not a surprise to expect that when you attend her meetings you will get a ton of useful information.

In addition, she is a data freak and that is awesome. She tracks EVERYTHING in the marketplace that can have impact on her investing decisions – and then she shares it at her meetings.

Probably the most relevant information on what is happening in the real estate investment marketplace right now.


One of the most noteworthy things at Houston REIA events is that Shenoah often organizes Q&A with panel of Experts. While this is by far their most interactive real estate club event of the year, regardless of time you pick to visit – chances are you will walk away with lot more knowledge then you came with.

Have you been to Houston REIA? What did you think?