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Project Description

10,000 courses – OnCourse Learning offers award-winning educational opportunities for Real Estate Professionals

Types of education include:

  • Pre-licensing
  • Continuing Education
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance
  • Exam Prep
  • Professional Skills
  • Post-license

Proven e-learning solutions.

OnCourse Learning Real Estate is the industry-leading resource for online education for real estate and appraisal professionals and organizations.

With the largest national footprint in the industry, they offer convenient, cost-effective education resources you can turn to for real estate and appraisal licensing, continuing education, exam prep, broker education, leadership training, professional development and textbook publishing.

The Virtual Study Program is a way for students to get that added support they need from an instructor in a live webinar environment. It bridges the gap between live and online learning in order to best prepare students to succeed on the exam and in their real estate careers. Sessions will be held weekly on a specific national core topic. The Virtual Study Program is also available for Washington, Oregon, California, Texas and Georgia that covers state-specific information that will be helpful in passing your state real estate license exam.

MODULE ONE: Ownership & Property Rights

What it covers: Ownership rights, Bundling rights, Freehold and leasehold, Di erences between real and personal property, Property ownership types, Easements, Covenants & xtures

MODULE TWO: Title Transfers

What it covers: Voluntary & involuntary alienation, Types of deeds, Title assurance & insurance


What it covers: Government powers – zoning and eminent domain, Private powers – covenants and liens, Legal descriptions

MODULE FOUR: Contracts

What it covers: Types, Terms, Elements, Uniform Electronic Transmission Act, Terminating, State laws


What it covers: Mortgages, deeds, trusts and notes, Mortgage loan types, Defaulting, Short sales and foreclosure, Primary & secondary mortgage markets

MODULE SIX: Agency Relationships

What it covers: Agency terms, Agency responsibilities, Types of agency, Listing contracts

MODULE SEVEN: Valuation Practices

What it covers: Agent & appraiser roles in valuation, Concepts of valuation, Three major valuation approaches

MODULE EIGHT: Federal laws

What it covers: Fair housing, Federal income tax, Environmental hazards, Capital gains calculations, Salaried agents vs independent contractors

A sales agent is a person who is licensed by the Real Estate Commission to act as an agent on behalf of a real estate broker and their clients. A sales agent must be sponsored by a licensed Broker in order to perform any act of real estate services.You have one year from the date your application is filed to meet all license requirements. Once you have met all the requirements to get your license, including finding a broker sponsorship, TREC will send an active sales agent license to your broker and to you via email!


  • Citizen of the United States or lawfully admitted alien
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Resident of Texas
  • Meet TREC’s qualifications for honesty, trustworthiness, and integrity

Check Texas Real Estate Commissions’ website for the current state requirements:


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