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Project Description

Real estate wholesaling coaching class by Property Mob

This is where the “Bad Ass Real Estate Investors” are made and Tracy does her best that you come out stronger and more educated. It one of the most comprehensive coaching classes around taking you through numerous angels of wholesaling.

Not only that she explains the theory, but she also shares many examples of how to apply in real life situations what she is teaching.

  • Where to find the leads
  • How much to spend on getting leads
  • Things you MUST know before using bandit signs
  • Craigslist can still bring it – how is it really done
  • What you actually say to sellers
  • How to make safe offers
  • How to make extra 5K in 10 seconds or less
  • Get referrals from ALL of your leads
  • and much more…
  • Generating Seller Leads

    • Choosing the Best List of Motivated Sellers in Your Market
    • Determining a Realistic Marketing Budget to Meet Your Goals
    • What’s More Important? – Quantity or Quality of Your Marketing Campaigns
    • How to Determine When You’ve spent Enough Money on a Campaign and When to Discontinue that specific campaign
    • Setting Realistic Goals for Yourself
  • Generating Seller Leads II

    • Bandit Sign Marketing – The Do’s and Don’ts, the best sign, the best message, the best colors, the best fonts, and avoiding trouble with the sign police
    • Generating Online Leads
    • Creating Marketing Pieces that Produce the Highest response  Rates
    • How to Put a New Spin on Craigslist Ads to Generate Seller Leads
    • How to communicate with seller leads and keep them engaged
    • How to Freeze the Sale and Prevent the Sellers from Calling 100 Other Investors

    and this is just a beginning.

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